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Didemnum fulgens

Milne-Edwards, 1841

David Kipling Is this another specimen of Didemnum fulgens? This time from South Pembs.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Tunicata on 24 Sep 2012
David Kipling N Pembrokeshire, ~ 12-15m depth, vertical rock face in silty habitat. Didemnid of some variety, but what species come in this nice red colour?

Anne Bay-Nouailhat Hi David, It looks like Didemnum fulgens.

David Kipling That's very interesting Anne. The pics of this species on your website don't show the light-coloured 'channels' that this seems to have (eg from the left opening running upwards). Are you OK with that? In the UK we only get this species on the very south coast, so this specimen would be much further north than where it has been recorded before.

David Kipling Is there any other Didemnid that comes in this nice red colour?

David Kipling Have you seen this one round Abercastle, Jennifer?

Anne Bay-Nouailhat I'm sure it's the same species. I must admit that Wilfried's pics on our website isn't terrific, we certainly have better ones. I sometime wonder if he isn't choosing intentionaly the worst ones for the website ;o)

Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat :o)

David Kipling Got to keep the nice ones for the field ID book ;)

David Kipling Thanks Anne, very exciting!

Jennifer Jones Oh dear - at the risk of being ridiculed, I was of the opinion that it was a sponge, looking at the openings which could be oscules, and the channels running from them. Plus what looks like a network of channels inside the openings/oscules. I admit that the dots all over it look ascidian like, but...

David Kipling I've posted a better picture Jennifer Jones, easier to see what is happening in a close-up.

Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat Didemnum fulgens, iles Glénan 12 m. http://www.mer-littoral.org//32/photos-600x400/didemnum-fulgens-wb02-600x400.jpg

Anne Bay-Nouailhat When I told you we had better ones ;o)

Jennifer Jones Thanks for the close up David Kipling, now I can see it clearly, and looking at the link above I can see it is Didemnum-fulgens, thank you. A new and exciting record for Abercastle/Pembrokeshire - Wales even?

David Kipling Jennifer Jones ... looking at NBN we have very very few UK records. There are several records from a 1987 JNCC survey in the Helford River (Cornwall). And there are two Seasearch records from 2005 at or near Swanage in Dorset. That is the full extent of the UK records on NBN.

David Kipling So a new record for Wales. Good job that harbour area is going to be a HP-MCZ!

David Kipling I don't know what the distribution of D fulgens is like on the continent and how far North it goes - eg whether it gets into the Netherlands and beyond. I'm sure Marco Faasse and Anne will be able to comment.

David Kipling Great picture Wilfried ... yes, that is absolutely it, even with the lighter streaks coming from the exhalant openings.

Marco Faasse David Kipling, Didemnum fulgens doesn't occur in The Netherlands, nor in Belgium. It has been recorded from northern France (Glacon), but I don't know whence.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Tunicata on 01 Aug 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Chordata (Phylum)
    Tunicata (Subphylum)
      Ascidiacea (Class)
        Aplousobranchia (Order)
          Didemnidae (Family)
            Didemnum (Genus)
              Didemnum fulgens (Species)
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