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Caprella linearis

(Linnaeus, 1767)

Erling Svensen A lot of life in the sea today. Very exposed dive - good viz. (30 meter +), but only 1 to 2 degrees C. Here a couple of pictures of Caprella linearis.

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 26 Feb 2013
Thomas Vignaud A recent exemple with the Canon 100 L IS and DIOPTER +10. A little croped from a 5D2 sensor. Anyone know what it is?

Ken Thongpila Wow! What a fantastic shot Thomas Vignaud and superb details...

Thomas Vignaud Thanks Ken :) still can't ID it : /

Marcel Hagendijk Very cool. probably larval state. where was it taken?

Thomas Vignaud South of France, in the surface. I'm not sure they are Larvae as they were many (hundreeds) of them around and all same size. Not sure if it can be these guys, here with the babies on the body : http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6213/6364397111_931637e9aa_b.jpg

Marcel Hagendijk Funny, that picture is of a skeleton shrimp, I just posted a pic of that 2 minutes ago. Not likely, as these guys live on hydroids and dont float in the water on the surface. lemme dig into some books and come back to you

Thomas Vignaud (both photo were at the same spot)

Marcel Hagendijk ok. well, you might be right, maybe a different variety caprellidea. found one that is in that part of the world, called Caprella Linearis. great shot btw

Marcel Hagendijk surely an amphipod, looking at the claws

Message posted on Underwater Macro Photographers on 22 Nov 2011
Nicola Faulks Dived at St Abbs on sunday and found the seabed covered with hydroids and nudibranchs. Can anyone confirm which Sertularia species this is....... or if it is!

Peter Routledge Think its called a bottle-brush hydroid?? ?

Paula Lightfoot I don't think it's bottle-brush if you mean Thuiara thuja, that's very distinctive. I agree with Nic it looks like a Sertularia (common name squirrel's tail!) but Jo's book says that argentea and cupressina are so similar that their status as separate species has been questioned, so I wouldn't dare hazard a guess! Did you pick a bit?

Peter Routledge Sea fir (sertularia argentea)?? ?

Simon Parker It does look a bit like Sertularia argentea but that tends to favour silty water. The ones I've seen have been much bigger than that but that could just be down to the conditions they grow in.

Peter Routledge Were there any little ghost shrimp (caprella linearis) living in it? ?? Your photo is great but you may not have seen them if you did not know they were living in amongst it.

Nicola Faulks Didn't see ghost shrimp, but I was being distracted by the large number of different nudibranchs on them. Wonder if the cooler water temp this year means the hydroids have had a head start before being munched by colourful slugs!

Paula Lightfoot There were comments on Fb last month about the nudis seeming to be delayed in Cornwall - and certainly the Tubularia was in a very healthy un-munched state when I dived there!

Simon Parker WoRMS has quite a complex web of naming for these: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=117912&allchildren=1

Paula Lightfoot Dawn's call on what to enter as they are Scottish records so will go to her (ha ha passing the buck!) WoRMS has the same quote I mentioned in my original post i.e. that 'their status as separate species has been questioned' - sort of sounds like the molecular work hasn't been done yet but is needed! Marine Recorder will be updated with the MSBIAS list from WoRMS by the time data entry starts this winter, final name matching just being done now...

Nicola Faulks Yep, I put them down as Sertularia spp. They were just so beautiful, the dive made such an impression on me. :-)

Message posted on Seasearch North East England on 17 Jun 2013
René Weterings "Doto coronata" (and "Caprella linearis") Found at divesite "Zeelandbrug" in the Eastern Scheldt, The Netherlands on the 31st of july 2012.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Nudibranchs on 02 Aug 2012
René Weterings "Ghost shrimps" (Caprella linearis) E-PL2 with Olympus housing 14-42mm @ 42mm with Subsee +10 Dual Inon strobes f/20 1/180s ISO200 (picture cropped)

Message posted on UWphotographers on 15 Nov 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Arthropoda (Phylum)
    Crustacea (Subphylum)
      Malacostraca (Class)
        Eumalacostraca (Subclass)
          Peracarida (Superorder)
            Amphipoda (Order)
              Corophiidea (Suborder)
                Caprellida (Infraorder)
                  Caprelloidea (Superfamily)
                    Caprellidae (Family)
                      Caprellinae (Subfamily)
                        Caprella (Genus)
                          Caprella linearis (Species)
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